What is Tresaro ?

A marketplace where people buy and sell clutter,
while helping charities and crowdfunding initiatives

Clutter is all the things we no longer need. All those items and products that clutter up our house. We can’t just throw them away because they’re perfectly fine and still worth something to somebody.

TRESARO gives new value to old clutter via the ERC-20 token TRE.
People can now buy and sell clutter with the option of donating TRE to their favorite charity. TRESARO will provide a trust rating to every charity and crowdfunding initiative, even to each user, based on their previous behavior on the platform. TRESARO's blockchain will offer passive income perks by allowing token holders to earn and donate even more TRE by running a node. Visit bitcoin circuit site to know about an autonomous trading platform that has potential to create a passive income for you.

Most people are inherently altruistic. They really want to support crowdfunding initiatives and donate to charities, but they never get around to doing it. TRESARO creates a whole new way of supporting charities by making it much easier and profitable for everyone. Now there’s no excuse to keep holding on to your clutter!


The 3-in-1 Platform

The world’s first blockchain-based marketplace platform that combines three sectors:
e-commerce, crowdfunding, and charity into a simple, unified experience.

Selling is caring

TRESARO makes it much easier (and profitable!) to support charities and crowdfunding initiatives, while also cleaning up your home from all that clutter. It's truly a win-win-win situation!

Support a cause

Select a charity or a crowdfunding campaign and auction your unneeded item to support it. Sit back and watch as your clutter makes the world a better place!

Get support for your cause

Easily create a crowdfunding campaign on TRESARO. Invite people to support it by listing their clutter on the marketplace.

Sell your clutter for profit

List an item, sell it and collect the TRE tokens. You can now trade them, hold them or exchange them for BTC or ETH. If you want to trade, you can use a robot called Aussie System that uses a strong algorithm to automatically conduct trades on your behalf with a 99 percent win record. They’re your tokens!



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The Timeline

With help from our team, contributors and investors these are the milestones we are looking to achieve.

Our Team

Meet the Team

CEO & Founder

Javor Ninov

CEO & Founder

Starting out in computer science in the early ‘90s, by the end of the decade Javor was writing software for the government of the newly democratized republic of Bulgaria. Soon after, he became a freelance white-hat hacker, discovering various exploits and zero-day vulnerabilities and giving frequent lectures on risk analysis in IT systems. After managing a number of tech businesses during the next two decades, Javor became fascinated with the possibilities of blockchain to improve the well-being of people globally. Currently, he is an IDACB Board of Directors Member, CEO of Outsource Partners and of Tresaro. He is also an advisor to several blockchain-based projects.


Ivo Zashev


A seasoned entrepreneur and a startup founder with plenty of can-do attitude and cryptocurrency knowledge. Ivo never gives up on following through with his plans, both in business and in life.

Wilkinson, PhD
Business Development

Matt Wilkinson, PhD

Business Development

Strategic commercial leader with a passion for accelerating growth. Excels at combining a deep understanding of business and market strategy with the ability to create actionable plans that have real impact.


Georgi Georgiev


Business expertise - Blockchain-based solutions, Telco, General R & D.
Programming languages expertise - JavaScript (Node.JS, JS, JQuery, AngularJS), C/C++ (ANSI, GNU, MISRA, MS), Objective C, Java, Solidity, PHP.
Engineering expertise - Mathematical modelling (PDE, statistical analysis, graph theory; Matlab, Wolfram Mathematica), AI - Recurrent Neural Networks (LSTM), uC architectures (Microchip 8/16bit, Atmel (AVR) 8bit, ARM (Cortex, XScale), AD (Blackfin533), Intel x86), DSP, PCB (Altium Designer; working with oscilloscopes, logic analyzers, multi-meters).
IT expertise - Mobile platforms (native & simulated iOS & Android), OS (Linux, FreeBSD, MS Windows, RTOS (VxWorks, TOS, QNX)), various IDEs, concurrent version systems, debuggers, emulators, schematic designers, document-processing applications, etc.

Senior Software Engineer

Todor Yalamov

Senior Software Engineer

Todor is a highly experienced Software Engineer with expertise in large scale backend infrastructures and telecom solutions. His working experience includes a variety of industry-leading companies like Telco System, Minerva Networks and Johnson Control. The main focus of his work is high availability and security of large scale solutions and embedded devices. Now he applies his security and distributed systems skills to blockchain development.

Software Developer

Petia Latinova

Software Developer

Petia is a Software Developer with experience in ERP systems and industrial applications. Her work is concentrated on providing the best possible user experience for the customers. She is always enthusiastic about new technologies and now invests her time in blockchain.

Senior Software Developer

Roberto Tsvetanov

Senior Software Developer

Roberto is one of our Senior Software Developers. He might not look all that Senior, but don’t let his boyish looks deceive you. Roberto has been coding his way through life for quite a while now. He is the C# wunderkind in our team!

System Security expert

Borislav Lukanov

System Security expert

Borislav is a System Security expert with expertise in identifying the risks and mitigating breaches in information, network and mobile platforms. During the last years he designed, developed and set up multiple platforms with high demand for secure history, redundancy and money transactions. Borislav also leverages his understanding of legal terms for different jurisdiction and quality certificates to achieve full compatibility.

Web Developer

Martin Latinov

Web Developer

Martin is our esteemed Web Developer. He is also the working at the famous Tick42 fintech company where he worked on the code behind their Glue42, a transformative UX integration software that enables developers to connect any group of applications. We are lucky to have him.


Frequently Asked Questions

Below we’ve provided a few answers to common questions regarding TRESARO. If you have any other questions, please get in touch using the contact form below.

Who are TRESARO's competitors?

Currently there are no direct competitors to TRESARO.
There are many digital marketplaces which are concerned with user-to-user interactions within the context of trading but none of these services promote the funding of worthwhile causes as a central purpose.

With all that technology behind TRESARO, how difficult will it be to use it?

Although TRESARO uses cutting-edge tech behind its interface, the interface itself will look and feel very similar to already existing and widely adopted e-commerce platforms.

What kind of items can be sold on TRESARO?

Any items, including digital goods, that are not prohibited by law.

Can I use TRESARO as a normal marketplace and not support any charity?

Yes, you can. Donations on TRESARO are optional.

What is an ICO?

ICO stands for “Initial Coin Offering” and it is a means of raising capital through a crowdfunding campaign with the use of crypto-assets. A digital asset, the token, is issued for a purpose and are sold to raise money for said purpose. After the ICO process is complete, the coins can be traded on crypto-exchanges and market supply and demand decides on their fair pricing.

What is Pre-ICO?

It is a stage before the ICO (main stage). The fundraising for the project. Pre-ICO is conducted to test and verify the demand for the project, get support from the community and expand the budget for marketing before the main ICO.

Can I participate in the ICO without having an Ethereum address?

No, because the TRESARO token (TRE) is issued on Ethereum blockchain, so you need to have an Ethereum address to receive and store your TRE tokens. You can use any Ethereum wallet: Ethereum wallet, Mist, Parity,, Jaxx or any other wallet where you have access to your private keys.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not deposit Ethereum to the ICO using your cryptocurrency exchange account! You don’t own your crypto exchange ETH address private key and therefore you will not be able to access your TRE tokens!

When will I receive my TRE tokens?

Once the ICO is over, you will receive your TRE tokens to the Ethereum address you put in your profile.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not use your exchange account address, you don’t own your private key and therefore you will not be able to access your TRE tokens!

What is an ERC20 Token?

These are crypto-assets or crypto-tokens which can be traded like Bitcoin or Ethereum or Litecoin, but unlike these cryptocurrencies, they don’t have their dedicated blockchain. Instead, they thrive on Ethereum’s blockchain.

Where can I store my TRE tokens?

TRESARO TRE tokens are ERC20 compliant tokens and can be stored on any Ethereum wallet that supports ERC20 standard. Such wallets are, but not limited to: Mist, Parity, and Jaxx.

Can i trade TRE tokens?

Once the ICO is over you can trade your TRE tokens on any exchange where TRE is listed. We are working hard to get as many exchanges to list the TRE token as possible.

Who formed us in his own image?

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Which was created for the bliss of souls like mine?

ICO Crypto - is unique blockchain platform; that is secure, smart and easy-to-use platform, and completely disrupting the way businesses raise capital, and the way investors buy and sell.

Wonderful serenity has taken of my entire soul?

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I am a US citizen. Can I participate in the ICO?

Unfortunately, no. US citizens and residents are not allowed to participate in the ICO due to US Security Law restrictions. We wholeheartedly respect all country laws in all locations we operate, and urge you to obtain more information regarding specific financial laws in your jurisdiction.

Will be there a KYC for participating in the ICO?

The KYC process is the only way TRESARO can check the source of funds raised during the token sale, and we do so by verifying each buyer’s identity and residency. This is something that isn’t only required by governments and regulators, but also by the banks, large corporations, and public bodies we’re bringing into the TRESARO marketplace.

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